Bobbi Brown McRae  
310 922-2777  
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                         Bobbi Brown McRae
                  SAG/AFTRA     5'1" 97lbs.

 Commercial Agent: Arlene Thornton & Associates - Janet Tscha
12711 Ventura Blvd. Suite 490
Studio City, CA 91604

Theatrical Agent: Daily Talent - Gail Marx
866 313-4106
7949 Gray Teal Street
North Las Vegas, NV 89084

View ***Theatrical and Comedy Reels

                        Reel -         

Film                                                    Role                                                          Director
OMG! I'm Knocked Up                      Patsy                                                       Paige Morrow Kimball
Gingerdead Man 3D                        Lizzie Borden                                           William Butler
The Day the Earth Stood Still          Police Officer                                           Scott Derrickson

ABC Skating with the Stars            Ice Skating Stunt Work                             Keith Grant
Harry's Law                                   Grieving Mother                                        Arlene Sanford
VH1 Do Something Awards 2010  Brett Michaels’ Aging Groupie                  Partick Doody
Hawthorne – Night Moves              Hockey Player                                          Roxann Dawson

Wind Up Puppet Show                     Dolly                                                       Chris Berube
Ice Capades                                     Ice Capette Skater                                  Bob Turk

(List Upon Request)

Musical Theater Workshops & Vocal Training - Gary Imhoff, Ross Kalling 2011- Current
Aaron Speiser Acting Studio – Advanced Scene Study & Techniques - Aaron Speiser 09-11
On Camera Commercial Workshops - Game, Levine, Selkirk, Kiminsky, Fortney, Sanford
Voice Over - Animation Intensive - Bob Bergen, Heather Henry Parker, Aaron Drown
Lembeck Comedy Workshops - Intensive Improv - Cal Gibson & Helaine Lembeck 

Special Skills
Ice/roller/hockey skating, firearms, voice over, mime, karate, motorcycle/ATV, water skiing, snow skiing, snow boarding, stunt work, ballet, yoga, tennis, golf, character-full suit, cosmetology, Web design, and studio vehicle rental

Professional Figure Skating:Double Silver Medalist / Ice Capades Tour Skater,
Technical Advisory Work – Film/TV (Credits Upon Request)

Special Ice Skating for Actors: i.e. – Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Amy Smart,
Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love-Hewett, Fred Savage, Shia LaBeouf & Christy Romano

Local Hire in: Tucson, Arizona; Greenville, South Carolina; Springfield, Missouri

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